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All you need is one square metre of space to make a difference.


The ecosystem in the UK has experienced a 40% decline in species. Research has shown that wildflower areas are an excellent way of repairing biodiversity and offering wildlife somewhere to thrive in urban areas. 


The team at Scott Baker Properties have come up with three designs for low maintenance, cheap and easy wildflower gardens. Data has shown that all you need is 1 square metre of soil space for a new ecosystem to flourish and this can be across various small pots, or in one larger space dug into the ground. 


We've made a commitment to plant homes for nature in the gardens of all of our property developments moving forwards. Do you want to make a positive impact in property?


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Nature needs you. Are you in?

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Imagine how the UK could change if we all saw garden spaces as mini-nature reserves?


Take part in our winter campaign to design an easy-to-create, wildflower garden that you can plant into a property project next Spring! Planning ahead now equals a more likely chance of actively planting next April.


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One Square Metre




Weeks From Scattering

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Join like-minded property people who are changing the industry to work in harmony with the planet. Learn how to plant a home for nature in your property project and help to rebuild the UK's declining ecosystem.

Niall Scott

Property  Developer

Niall is a Next Level HMO® & Coliving property developer with a background in horticulture and a passion for reducing consumer waste and repairing the ecosystem.

Matt Baker

Property Educator

Matt is a Next Level HMO® & Coliving property educator.

He is passionate about creating sustainable communities in coliving homes with respect for the environment.

Salla Raine


Salla is a multi-disciplinary designer and uses creative thinking to identify and solve problems. She identified space for this campaign and designed the framework.

Dr Ana Attlee


Ana is an entrepreneur, property investor and the founder of SeedBall, a non-profit organisation who we are working with to help repair the UK's ecosystem.


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